PTSD Post -How Much Is Enough?

September 19, 2011

This is a question that has a myriad of answers.  I have discussed this issue, at great length, with my wife, who is a clinical psychologist and  the clinical advisor to this site.  She says she often gets similar questions from her  patients that see  her in private practice.  She bases her answer on the answer that was given to her when she started into psychology 30 years ago.  The answer was, “you need to continue to talk about it (your PTSD problems ) as long and as often as you need to talk about it”.

That means the answer will vary from individual to individual.  Some may only need to vent some frustrations and will need a minimum amount of time and space to do so.  Others are mired in a very difficult, frustrating and maybe even a life threatening situation PTSD suicide that one or two times of writing about Post Traumatic Syndrome will be not nearly be enough. 

When I found myself mired in PTSD and I decided to write to myself about my feelings, I started my own healing process.  I knew what I was feeling but when I tried to put it into words the words just didn’t seem to match up.  I kept at it though, and the more I wrote the more facets of my feelings I was able to capture.  I was encouraged because even though my words still weren’t perfect they became closer to what I was actually feeling and I started feeling better, not immediately, but little by little.

Honestly I still have trouble thinking and then committing these thoughts to writing and have them match up exactly to what I am trying to say.  I guess that’s why I never became a professional writer.  I am assuming that most,  if not all of you, will feel the same as I did.  Please do not get discouraged and give up your struggle to find your voice.  It will be hard and in some cases painful, but I do promise that it will get easier and your need to talk about it privately, at this site, will become less and less important.

I am hopeful that this site will ultimately lead you to seek a professional mental health care person to talk to.  When your pain is less pronounced you may find that an understanding and knowledgeable therapist is exactly what you will need to move further along your path to healing.  Eventually this terrible chapter in your life will simply be only that and not an all consuming one that it now seems to be.

We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a week.  You are always welcome to say as little or as much as you choose and we will not censure your voice.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant.