PTSD Posting

September 16, 2011

We have recently started receiving some Twitters and Facebook posts about our site.  Though we do appreciate your doing this we are trying to stay focused on our PTSD web site.  We will not post anything that comes from other sources to the PTSD Forum web site.  We want to post your story not 140 character tidbits.

The Tweets we received were not easy to decipher and were abreviated to the degree where we do not understand them.  Our PTSD Forum has no limit on the amount of space you have to tell your story.  If you wan to have a forum this is it but we will not be able to try and edit or flesh out what you might be saying in some other format.

Again we appreciate that you have PTSD experiences that you want to talk about but you need to come to this location to tell these stories.  This will take a bit more effort on your part and a lot less effort on ours.  We volunteer our time to this PTSD Forum site and receive no compensation for the efforts.  Thanks for your understanding.