PTSD Collateral Damage

September 20, 2011

My wife was a victim of physical and mental abuse including threats by her first husband.  We have been together 30 years.  She has never gotten over her hatred of men.  She never got treatment, and her bad habits and addictions have tried to kill her 3 times already, and they will in the end.  There is no reason to treat the woman you love with hatred.  My wife bragged of having lived in a tree house and taking water from the canal,and using a poopy house.  Another abusive husband had left her homeless.  Today she is at work, 2 weeks after lung surgery.  She’s a Postmaster.  I’m just a cowboy/farmer.  Next week I will be in court defending myself.  California has lost sight of its people and its constitutional mandates and has turned its courts into debt collectors, and debtors prison.  I don’t advise you call 911 trying to get hold of a judge with an emergency.

PTSD is an emergency, and it is wrong to take legal action to satisfy fraud laws against any one of these victims, regardless of the cause of their PTSD .  These laws were written by wife beating cowards, to catch welfare cheaters, so the man gets custody of children by intimidation and threats and reprehencible law inforcemant.   Drug addicts let their women carry the drugs, but not the pistol.  Alcoholics let their wives drive even if they’re drunk too.  I have been sober since 1971.