PTSD Friends and Families

August 3, 2011

I am a bit shocked that I have gotten very few posts from either the families or friends of PTSD victims.  I can understand first hand how PTSD victims would be a bit skittish about posting.  To go to a psychologist and be falsely labeled crazy is one thing but to avoid posting at the Military PTSD Forum is quite another thing altogether.

I’ve heard from some that questioned the value of a post.  I can tell you that writing things down worked for me when I was going through my stint on the bottom of the PTSD barrel.  I am not saying that it is a miracle cure either but I will say that it can’t hurt.  We are also hoping to gather enough PTSD participants to be able to get some support groups going which will offer additional help.

These support groups can be actual PTSD victims or PTSD spouses or PTSD family support groups.  This action can only be accomplished by making this a spot that people want to come to.  Sometimes just reading others comments will stimulate something inside you that encourages ones own self-disclosure.  The more people and postings we can get, the quicker the word will get around.  The larger the following the more powerful the Military PTSD Forum presence.  There is power in numbers.

No names will be disclosed unless we are given the OK to do so.  As always, we do no censuring of content but we will not post any religious, commercial, or political rantings.  Feelings are what we all share in common and that is what we hope will come across.