PTSD Male vs Female

September 12, 2011

Females have, up to recently, been treated differently regarding PTSD .  Since females have been classified as “Non Combatants” it was assumed that they would not experience the trauma from battlefield experiences.  This is changing. There is an excellent documentary called “Lioness” which deal with this subject and the PTSD experienced by each of the women profiled

A recent survey of returning service people, male and female, the findings are amazingly the same.  Both male and female service people have a very similar experiences with PTSD with only a small edge to the male but of no real consequence.  These results are skewed by the numbers of males vs females who are involved in either alcohol and/or illicit drugs which seems to favor males quite significntly. 

PTSD recovery rates were also similar.  Women seem to be a bit more resilient.  But again the differences were negligible.  We would assume that this will be good news for the female population of service personnel who have complained about PTSD treatment options.  I will continue to monitor this issue since I am more interested in the treatment of those who are suffering and that includes either sex.

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