Marital Problems and PTSD – Military Spouse (Part II)

July 9, 2011

-This feature is a continuation of a series on marital problems and PTSD — issues that concern the military spouse. You can read the previous feature here.-

I formerly referenced a study that explored issues of Vietnam veterans returning home and the marital issues that transpired as a result of their wartime experiences. The study showed that 42% of the PTSD victims had a least one act of violence toward their military spouses in the year preceding the survey and 92% (almost all) had verbally abused their military spouse during that year.

What is the bottom line for the military spouses?  It can also affect their own mental health. These military spouses report lower levels of happiness and less satisfaction with their lives in general. Many complained that they felt on the verge of “mental breakdowns”, social isolation or social anxiety was also was a common complaint.  

Military spouses had trouble coping with their partner’s PTSD symptoms and felt stress because their own needs were not being met.  These symptoms seem to indicate that the military spouses were reacting to their own Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This is the trauma of living with a PTSD victim.

No matter what resistance they meet, military spouses and families of PTSD victims need to do everything within their power to get their spouse to start to open up.  We hope that this website will make this an easy, non-threatening, non-judgemental way to do that.  Therapy through sharing of experiences with a licensed psychologist is our goal but just talking about it by expressing your story on this military PTSD forum will be the first step.  You can write whatever you choose and as often as necessary.  The posting will not only be a small first step but also a permission slip for others to follow suit.