PTSD Other Than War

July 21, 2011

We recently received a comment for the Military PTSD Forum from someone who has suffered from PTSD all her life because of sibling bullying and we wanted to let everyone know that this site accepts all PTSD associated comments and we will post this blog in a few days.

We wanted to first go over other areas where PTSD might rear its ugly head besides war.  There are many occupations that seem to have PTSD associated with it.  The police and fire departments experience trauma all the time and for some, this results in stress related disorders.  These two professions seem the most obvious and perhaps there are others as well.

Life can also deal out circumstances which can lead to PTSDNatural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes or floods can trigger PTSD.  Disasters like these things can put people in precarious positions where there easily can be residual trauma that is left over.  

Terrorist attacks are a relatively new concept in the United States and there are still people who cannot get the 9/11 attacks out of their minds.  The threat of a nuclear attack was a threat to all of us older people growing up in the 50’s where we had to duck under our desks when the siren went off. We would have air raid drills as a regular school exercise. I cannot, in my wildest imagination, see how hiding under a desk would have protected anyone from a nuclear blast so I suspect it was the governments attempt to ease some minds that there was some protection or precaution being taken.

The sound of a car screeching and the unmistakeable sound of the impact of the car crash affects many people, as does the thought of an airplane crash can haunt people. Have you ever noticed how the sound of a Police siren causes you to instinctively look at your speedometer? This is sort of the same principle.

Personal things like a sudden death of a loved one, rape, kidnapping or assault will shake most people to their core and could result in PTSD.  For children, sexual or physical abuse or neglect can have long lasting effects and may be the root cause for PTSD in them. As I indicated earlier one writer has developed PTSD because of sibling bullying

In summary it isn’t only because of the war that PTSD can begin and we want to invite all PTSD sufferers to join in this campaign to shed light on this terrible illness.  Start the healing wth your entry onto our Military PTSD Forum site.  All are welcome.