PTSD SpousesQ and A

September 15, 2011

My wife, Dr. Jean Dzierzynski,  the Clinical Director of this site posed an idea that I thought might work well.  Since most or the spouses of PTSD  sufferers may have questions, why not have a place to ask them with a trained professional to give accurate information from which to base some decisions upon.   This is not a substitute for actual PTSD therapy  for you and yours but more a clearer way for you to base your decisions on how to proceed with your PTSD problems .

Most Pop-Psychologists on the radio offer quick fixes.  Since real change will never happen by quick fixes we want to be clear that this is not what you can expect from this offer.  The old joke goes something like this, “Doctor, it hurts whenever I touch this spot”, says the patient.  The doctor answers, “Then don’t touch that spot.”   Most trained psychologists are amused and often shocked at responses that these so-called radio mental health providers offer as solutions to people that call in to their stations.

If you have a legitimate PTSD question that you would like to have an answer for, please write it to us on the form provided at this site and, if possible, Dr. Dzierzynski, Ph.D, Psy.D, will give you an answer quite quickly. 

Remember that this is a free service and should not be used as a substitute for actual PTSD therapy .  We are hoping to encourage you to proceed at your own pace to find appropriate help and to use the site as an ally in your efforts to start making changes.  PTSD Spouses and family members are encouraged to post at this site and to discuss the pain and suffering that most other families and friends of PTSD sufferers  are going through, all across the Country.  You should not suffer n silence since silence will shine no light on this issue nor will silence have any chance of making a positive change for this issue.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant.