PTSD Spouses

December 21, 2011

I really thought, when I started this Blog that I would get lots of spouses responding and posting.  I guess I assumed because there are really not a lot of places for them to seek help that this would be a welcomed site.  Since there are many outreach programs for the actual PTSD sufferer I assumed there would be many more that would need to find us.  I still feel this way.

The PTSD spouse is under served but is suffering too.  I fact it is likely that if the spouse does not get help there is a good likelihood that he/she will get symptoms of PTSD too.  This is because trauma is trauma and it plays no favorites and doesn’t need a War to become established.

Another reason I assumed they would come is that women are mush more affiliative then men and since there are many more men with PTSD who have survived from past wars than women it is more usual for the PTSD sufferer to be a male even though statistically there is little difference in the percentages of male and female who get PTSD.  Because of the affiliative aspects of women, I thought they would chose to come and try and establish some network contacts, with other spouses who are going through the same kinds of things.   I still do expect this to happen and welcome them.

I don’t know about other husbands but I know for me, my wife has had to drag me sometimes to things that need to get done.  She is the best thing that ever happened to me in that she acts much more quickly than I and is usually the catalyst for change.  I’m assuming other men are like me in that.  Women can be the beginning of the healing and I would expect them to be a big part of the posting public on this site.  I welcome their input.  Seeing life from the distaff side will be enlightening for all and especially those who are a bit more shy and reticent to post.

You can drag your spouse to this Military PTSD Forum site.  It is easy and all you need to do is post.  We are open 24 hours a ay 365 days a year.  You are welcome to write as much or as little as you choose without censorship or questions.