PTSD Study

March 16, 2013

We will be working with a research psychologist who is interested in doing a 25 person study with both PTSD victims and/ or their loved ones.  This could be a PTSD family member, wife, or partner.  The study will be supervised by a licensed psychologist and the subjects will only asked to blog at this site once per week for 6 months.

There will be a registration requirement but this information will remain confidential with no identification will be forwarded anywhere except to the research psychologist.

At the beginning of the project a base-line group of tests will be given to get an understanding of the bloggers.  The blogger will be free to discuss anything they choose without comment or judgement from other bloggers but the blogs will be read and monitored by a licensed clinical psychologist who may request clarification of a specific post and/or offer suggestions for reading materials regarding specific issues no actual psychotherapy will be involved. .

If you, or anyone you may know, have an interest in participating in this study please contact us at this site.  Once we have established our 25 person limit we will notify you and offer to enroll you in this study.  All results will be held in strictest confidence.