PTSD Suicides

August 1, 2011

One report I read said that there are over 900 suicide prevention programs provided by the military.  That is a strong effort to get to the bottom of things.  Obviously, they don’t seem to be working or there would be only one offered.  In the month of June alone the Department of Defense reported that there were 32 PTSD suicidesand over 200 this year.

I am not an expert about this but to state the obvious, it takes a lot to push someone to the point of suicide.  Those who might be reading this need to wake up and start to reach out to others.  I am constantly seeing things on Facebook and many of the other social media sites saying “I support the troops”  Personally this seems so ridiculous to me.  As if posting something on your web site will change anything.  I appreciate the sentiment but I would more prefer that they reach out to their friends and urge them to reach out to their friends and seek out returning veterans and encourage them to find help.  Slogans aren’t much good.

Have you ever read about a viral ad on any of these sites?  They are amazing!  If you start doing the math, you can see how quickly one piece of information can sweep into millions of homes.  Try it yourself.  Say you have conservatively 10 friends on your social network and they each have ten friends and then these each have ten friends and so forth and so onh. Your message reaches 10 people, theirs reaches a hundred and theirs reaches a thousand then ten thousand and so on.  One spark could casue a fire of awareness about PTSD.

PTSD is real and it is a very frightening thing to go through.  Keep always in mind that it affects not only the PTSD sufferer but also his/her spouses, their children, their families and friends and people with whom they come in contact. 

Don’t just read that and feel glad that you don’t have it.  Reach out and find someone who does.  In the loneliest of nights and during the deepest of depression or anxiety one friend like you might make the difference.  You might have changed that 32 suicides to 31 with only the smallest of efforts.

Our web site is available 24 hours a day every day.  Anyone suffering the effects of PTSD is welcome to come and open themselves up to caring friends and fellow sufferers who make no judgements but allow some relief from the pain.