PTSD– War Ended In Iraq

October 24, 2011

On Friday President Obama stated that the War has officially ended and All the troops would be home from Iraq by the end of the year.  There are currently 40,000 US troops in Iraq and all will be leaving Iraq by the end of this year.

So what does this mean?  It simply means we have one less war to worry about.  All troops will be coming home from Iraq.  We still are engaged in a war with Afghanistan so troops will continue to be sent there, at least for the foreseeable future.  There have been some recent troops sent to Africa not only to support the Libyans efforts but also to other nations as well.  I don’t want to dwell on possible bad news but only on the good.  That is hooray for a job well done and we were successful in finally ending another chapter of the 9/11 saga which has gone on too long already.

Now for my concerns.  In the United States we have a huge unemployment problem already and as I’ve talked about in previous posts, we are about to get 40,000 more people fighting for those too few jobs.  I feel that the problem will be heightened because according to statistic 20%-30% of these 40,000 service people will have PTSD.  That is somewhere between 8,000 and 12,000 military personnel who are already fighting depression and stress without the added stress of looking for and not locating a job.  Or worse yet finding a job but then losing it because of performance issues related to the PTSD illness, which could include substance abuse, violence, moodiness etc. 

For many of us, we are identified by our job, our self-esteem depends on it.  If you have ever been without work for any length of time I’m sure you know that it is a difficult period to go through.  Every day that you are not employed, you have to face the disappointment in the eyes of your spouse as you tell her, “Nothing new”. I hope that our government can get off their political backsides and get the job market moving.  We sure have plenty of things that need to get done in our Country and now we have a lot of heroes and heroines to do the work. All they have to do is ask them to do it. 

The war is over for some of these PTSD sufferers but their fight against this PTSD illness will go on even though they have returned.  They need our support and help. If you know anyone who you think might be struggling please help them to seek help.