PTSD War Stories

September 26, 2011

The term “war stories”, has become synonymous with any experiential story you may be retelling.  But it was originally coined about military people coming home and talking to their families and friends about their experiences while at War.

I wasn’t unusual for several neighborhood guys to sit around and swap tales about their time overseas.  Many of the stories were funny or ironic or amazing.  But in my experience the stories I still tell are not the ones that were horrific.  Mine are the ones that tug at your heartstrings and still make me cry when I tell them.  Stories about being homesick or receiving the packages and letters from home from friends and family or some light tale that I think they might enjoy.

In my experience unless you actually were there in war, in my case Vietnam, no one really can understand what it is that you had gone through.   When you hear someone say, “I know what you are saying”,  I was thinking “Oh no you don’t”.  Worse yet I don’t really think that they care to hear it.  It’s like passing someone on the street and they say, “How are you feeling?”  They don’t expect nor want to hear you stop and give them a complete description of your latest bout with cancer.  They want to hear “Fine and you?”

So the natural tendency is to hold the feelings and the traumatic PTSD lifechanging events inside.  You self censure your remarks to make it easier for the general public to hear.  Now, at the PTSD Forum you don’t have to.  This site is a vehicle that you can use to free yourself from the burdens of the trauma of PTSD.  You can say whatever you choose and as often as you choose.  This is like your own PTSD Confessional.  No names will be revealed so you are free to say whatever you want.  We don’t censure anything and we hope that this will allow you the freedom you need to get everything off your chest with no judgemental higher up staring over your shoulder.  We are not affiiated, in any way, with any branch of the military.

You as a PTSD victim are welcome, your PTSD spouse is welcome and any other person who has been affected by PTSD such as family and/or friends are also welcome to provide comments through this Forum.  Remember that sunlight is the greatest disinfectant.