PTSD What Can This Site Offer?

October 26, 2011

When I was first thinking about doing this Military PTSD Forum site I did a bit of due diligence to see just what was being done about PTSD on other sites. After all, what is the sense of duplicating or even triplicating someone else’s work. I found, honestly, hundreds of sites. It was pretty impressive to see just how many people cared about this PTSD issue.

With this number of sites you might still be wondering, “Then why did you decide to move forward with it?” The answer is quite simple. There is still a lot missing. There are sites that define the issue, tell who is involved and how. There are sites offering PTSD treatments, new breakthroughs and other things that are worthwhile.

So before answering more fully, I wanted to give you a visual that maybe will help you. Have yu ever done a picture puzzle? There is this box with a pretty picture on the front and then when you open it there are, in som cases, thousands of individual pieces all part of that beautiful picture but at present just a jumble of pieces that make absolutely no sense.

This is how I see the problem and how likely the solution will arrive and that is very unlikely. Someone with PTSD is looking for answers, that is true but not hundreds of answers to chose from and all of which seem to be just a small part of the problem.  What works?  What doesn’t?  I have stated my case about this before, if something was a guarantee to work then there wouldn’t be hundreds available.

I believe strongly in organization, just as with the puzzle, when put together, becomes a beautiful picture.  It is through organization.  It starts with the edges to establish a framework then depending on your style, different colors one at a time or working on one distinctive object from the picture. 

So too can the PTSD puzzle be put together.  For example:  Lets assume you all know that the PTSD spouse issue is one that is lagging behind in people’s awareness.  Picture a place where PTSD spouses from all over the Country can come, tell their story, and become linked in a Nationwide support group.  By telling their stories they may share an idea or healing possibility that some other had not discovered yet.  The Internet can do wonders with spreading the word but not unless there is a single place to go.  By telling their PTSD story and providing others with documented evidence of their struggle, we feel the word will spread quickly one PTSD spouse at a time.  With unity comes power.

“Talking therapy” as it is called in psychology is a very powerful healing tool.  Though this site is not to be used as a substitute for actual therapy, it can be used as a free additional place to come to find a “safe” place to blow off some daily pressure with an anonymous, non- judgemental site devoted only for the PTSD World.

Remember there is power in numbers.  Come tell your story.