Purpose of This PTSD Website

August 6, 2011

Most websites are created to make money, in some way.  Advertising some miracle product or program or something that isn’t really for your benefit but for the web site creators.  This is not the case here at Military PTSD Forum.

I am a PTSD sufferer and I am reaching out to others to share their experiences with still others who may be affected with this same terrible illness.  This has a twofold benefit.  First I sincerely believe that unloading some of your PTSD burdens will make you feel better.  Since you can come to this site 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, we are never closed and you always have access to your own feelings whenever you choose.  So you can say as little or as much as you choose and getting your feelings out will start your PTSD healing process/, no matter how slow you feel it might be.  

When you start feeling better yourself,  then others in your immediate circle will feel better.  That includes your PTSD spouse,  your PTSD children, and your PTSD families and friends too.  This is not a miracle cure but more a place to try and sort your feelings out.  Of course seeing a psychologist or analyst would be ideal, but they may not be conveniently located or perhaps too public for you to feel comfortable with at first or even as sessions are added.  Talking about such intimate feelings as PTSD is difficult with a total stranger (psychologist) no matter what their qualifications.  Relieving the pressure is the start of the PTSD cure.  When you feel better the next steps will be easier too.

We publish your musings not only uncensured but also anonymously.  You will know that it is your writing but no one else will.  There are no judgements or recriminations or right or wrong in what you say.  Finding your voice and trying to wrestle with the complexities of it are different for you than for others.   In reading you posts and then other’s posts you may also get a clearer understanding of the fact that you are not alone and that your feelings are also shared with others.

This brings me to the second advantage.  By you taking the risk of sharing yourself with others you create an invisible bond with others who come to this site also looking for some way to get past this traumatic PTSD experience.  Hopefully because you bared your feelings, it will encourage others to do the same.  One by one the PTSD stories/ will grow in size and number.  This then will become a fixture in the PTSD arsenal.  With more voices, we are not a single State but a United States. The old saying is true, ” United we stand divided we fall”.   The larger our PTSD contributing readership the more power we have for not only advocating change in PTSD services for those with PTSD but we will also be a provider of these services to you and your loved ones.  So in effect you are involved in providing the answer to not only your problem but the helping with the enormity of the PTSD problem as a whole as well.

Finally we also want to invite the PTSD spouses, PTSD families and friends of PTSD sufferers to come post too.  We all know that these people are underserved and deserve more.  Posting is easy.  Say as little or as much as you choose and enter it and we will take what you say and post it to our site Military PTSD Forum and then you will see it actually posted for others to witness in the following day or so.  Remember it isn’t what you say but that you do say something.