Random Drug Testing –PTSD

December 25, 2012

I just heard that the military is going to do 2 random alcohol and drug tests a year for active duty service men and women.  They say it is because of the increased binge drinking that seems to be prevalent now among active duty personnel.  I suspect that some of this has to do with alcoholism and the attempt to mask the PTSD feelings that are beginning to surface.  Of course, this is a great idea at any time and if the military can prevent someone from walking down the wrong path it is a good thing.

Even if it isn’t for this purpose it may uncover some service people that are having PTSD feelings which are better caught and treated at an early stage.  I accomplished this with my PTSD journal and later with therapy and though there are still times when my thoughts drift to dark places, for the most part, I feel that I have placed my PTSD thoughts in a manageable box.

I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to deal with their PTSD feelings rather than stuffing these feelings and hope that they will go away on their own.  Drugs and alcohol can help you keep from dealing with your feelings but this will only eventually lead to a comorbidity issue of PTSD and drugs or alcohol.  You can start feeling better if you will only work at it.  It will take time but it sure beats the alternative of a lifelong sentence.

I wish all a happy holiday season.