Significant Traumatic Incident -PTSD

April 20, 2013

I have often been asked, what it is like to have PTSD.  Of course after all these years it is hard to completely describe it but recently the incident at the Boston Marathon Race might give you a clue to the answer.

There are thing that happen in life that you will always remember some good and some bad and that is just a normal life.  Every once in a while there are some things that happen that will change you.  I think that things like John Kennedy or Martin Luther King being assassinated, 9/11, and yes now the Boston Marathon are examples of things that happen that will make you view life differently.  This is called a Significant Traumatic Incident.

I saw an a photographic image of a young man who had such rage and hate inside of him, to allow him to place a home made bomb right next to a baby knowing full well that this baby was going to die.  The moral implications to me are beyond understanding.  On a day that started out just like any other day, became the subject of life long nightmares for many people from that day forward.

This will now possibly create PTSD in some people.  Incidents can be life changing and for most of us, we will never be able to think or say or talk about the Boston Marathon ever again without being reminded of this terrible tragedy. For those who can’t seem to shake this occurrence com.e join us at this site and blog. Share your pain. Remember that true love allows for pain to be shared and thus halved.