Silver Linings Playbook-PTSD

February 1, 2013

One of my favorite movies of the year was Silver Linings Playbook.  Since I’m originally from the Philadelphia area I liked all the Eagles fan discussions and portrayals.  Most of my family is still back there and I could really relate.  The whole concept of mental illness being portrayed in a kind way was appealing to me.

We have a significant stigma about mental illness.  My wife, the psychologist, always says her famous line to me, “The crazy label gives psychology a bad name”.  What she means is that seeing a psychologist doesn’t mean you are crazy.  In fact her entire practice is built on normal people who have minor problems that have to be addressed.

In the movie, the main character played by Bradley Cooper, found out that his wife was cheating on him and he had a psychotic break.  He is hospitalized because of the situation as the movie opens and he decides that everything happens for a reason and he wants to find out what the “Silver Lining” in his incident was. The rest of the movie is his quest to find it.

Though it isn’t specifically a PTSD themed movie, it really is.  They claim the diagnosis is undiagnosed bi-polar.  But it was the terrible event of finding his wife in bed with another man that precipitates his breakdown and what continues to torment him.  Though this event had nothing to do with the military, it was a life changing event that he would have to live with and deal with for the rest of his life.

So, isn’t this PTSD?  Wasn’t that a traumatic event?  My point is, that life deals us these things that can throw us off course dramatically.  Here’s the spoiler alert, the movie has a happy ending.  The same thing could happen to most all of us who have experienced PTSD but that is up to us.  If you get help and work at it, you have a chance of getting that Academy Award for your efforts.  Don’t let PTSD stop your quest for your own silver lining.  You need to start to face your PTSD problems and deal with them.  This site is a starting point.  Come and participate, it is still free and we are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.