“Talk To Me” Help With PTSD

September 3, 2011

I caught this small blurb in the Huffington Post and thought I would pass it on

Three Simple Words To Help With Depression
Posted: 9/1/11 08:06 AM ET


React Transitions and change can be challenging for any of us. The recent earthquake, hurricane and flooding, in addition to the end of vacation and back-to-school, or back to the grind of work, can be stressful and emotionally overwhelming. You can help reduce not only someone else’s stress and feelings of depression and anxiety, but also your own, with a simple connection — talking. In the next few weeks and beyond, practice a good and important habit for maintaining positive psychological well-being: Give someone you trust a call and say, “Talk to me.”
Starting through next Saturday it is Suicide Prevention Week.  There are suicides occurring everywhere due to loss or some other trauma.  The latest statistic from the US Military is that this includes 18 service people a day who are aflicted with PTSD.  If we can get them to talk we may lessen this statistic.
Point someone you know to our site.  We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Posting here costs you nothing but a little of your time and it may save a life.