TH (Continued)

October 27, 2011

My daughter graduated from business college near the top of her class. Yesterday she was unable to do simple multiplication trying to figure square feet. This is part of the effects of PTSD. She was denied the help she needs from
Social Security, they are only afraid of warriors and drug addicts. If your wife can take it so can my daughter. Is that what it is?
I love my daughters, and my 5 grand daughters. PTSD is part of their lives now, and this I blame on our leaders. What single dollar did we get ahead in Viet Nam? I know the military industrial complex and Exxon got much wealthier from that war, and any war. If you have suffered from PTSD, please always remember, your family didn’t do that to you, so don’t take it out on them. Keep your paranoia and distrust to yourself in their presence. You do them no good with hatred that belongs to a historically cruel government. Peace, yes, I have the courage to wish this. P.T.S.D.