TH PTSD Story Continued

November 8, 2011

John was my grandfather.  He lived his last years just down the hill from us.  I believe that because even survival in his time required courage and action, we have no idea of how PTSD may have affected him.   He had seen the brutality of classism and racism first hand, and it was below standards for conversation.  It is life, and he honored his family by loving and protecting them. 5 sons also served our country.  When I was a teenager, grandma showed me a picture of a dozen men and boys standing on and in front of an old Cadillac touring car, much like Deranamo’s.  I said to her, “this looks like a bunch of Indians.”  She laughed and said, “well it is.” John was one of the boys in the picture. Was this a manifestation of PTSD?