TH PTSD Story Continued

September 26, 2011

My daughter sees a psychologist once a week, she often cancels her appointments.  She has no trust in anyone, yet needs to be with a man always.  She won’t fight for custody of her children, the guilt her husband cause, left her unable to cope with even a child crying.  After her first child was born her marriage became a conflict of who would get custody of this child, a loveless drunken brawl.  Three children later, she was beat up so bad mentally, she had a debilitating panic attack.  They sent her to emergency.  My daughter is tough.  Her childhood friend, a woman, is a certified underwater welder and Navy Seal.  My daughter split and delivered fire wood as a job to satisfy Cal Works food stamp requirement, after we got her husband to move the family back home.   He was a commercial fisherman,and didn’t like to fish.  He said he fished because he didn’t like having a job.  The deputy finally caught him literally red handed.  I took my daughter to Erin the end it was the threats that caused the most damage. He plead guilty on a deal, and was out in 89 days, released on my daughters birthday. This same court arrested her for paper work, clerical error. That was it. I called 911 and told them to tell our local judge he was a terrorist mother %#*!!! I wanted to get his attention.
     It’s on. Tomorrow I go to court again. I represent myself, and I like to think the people of Modoc Co. CA.  The D.A.s first offer of settlement was 90 days.  I wrote and asked if he thought he was funny.  PTSD people need help,and threats made by a government intent on catching cheaters is terrorism. Just my opinion, so far.   I will tell my daughter about the site. Thank you.