TH_PTSD Story Continued

October 4, 2011

In court I knew the DA would make no counter offer on a deal, I left him no option.  An emergency is an emergency, and I only need to convince a dozen good men or women that PTSD is an emergency.  I negotiate the jury now.  The constitution guarantees my right to a jury of my peers.  I know they can find a dozen old guys beat up worse than me.  They probably couldn’t come to court.  I have a great grand daughter.  Been rolling in the dirt a couple times with my son in law for being drunk and wanting to drive my grandchildren home.  He was a commercial crab fisherman on a boat he and my daughter lived aboard for a year, until she got pregnant.  She lived in her car when he went fishing.  We helped them get a rent controlled apartment.  If God gives you scum, you better know how to build a pond.