The Ground Truth

August 26, 2011

In writing these posts at the Military PTSD Forum I never know exactly to whom I will be reading them.  For someone who is suffering from PTSD the last thing that they need is to watch is a movie about PTSD.  This might be true for some Hollywood dramatization of what someone is going through because no matter how good a job that they do, we still know that this is just pretend and that the participants are simply actors.

There is a movie,  however, that I would recommend to all who not only reading of some things about PTSD but also watching actual service men and women who have returned from War and are experiencing problems as a result of their service.  Whether you are simply a casual viewer, who is starting to open your eyes up to the horrors of War and PTSD or someone like me who’s been through something similar and can understand what the participants are going through, to finally people like you who are going through their PTSD struggle themselves right now. This is a very good movie to look at. 

This movie is called, “The Ground Truth” and I suspect that it can be obtained from most of the video rental companies.  If you haven’t seen it or heard of it, then I would tell you that it puts a real voice to PTSD and does not sugar coat War.  The participants are actual returned servicemen who tell their stories on camera, including some of their horrific experiences. 

Why am I recommending that you see it if you have PTSD?  Believe it or not there are some therapeutic benefits.  These soldiers have started the process which will free them of some of their burdens, the burdens, you too, are carrying.  I know I sound like I’m torturing you, but I can only promise that I have been there and I have only goodness in my heart for your pain.  I am trying to help.  by encouraging you to air your experience (s). You can pardon yourself and unlock the cell which you are now confined to. One that is self imposed.

I would welcome your feedback once you’ve seen the movie.  I want to know if it has moved you as much as it moved me and mostly by your writing I know you have decided to move one step closer to finding your voice.

Write your experiences down and come and write them again and again as often as you choose.  We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Your story is confidential and no names will be divulged.  Your story is yours to write as you want with no censoring, or criticism.  The best disinfectant is the light of day.