The Invisible War-PTSD

June 18, 2012

The new movie “The Invisible War” opens commercially this week but is also touring many of the film festivals around the Country.  Produced and directed by Amy Zierling this documentary is specifically about a very under reported topic of sexual abuse in the military.  Many will remember the scandal of Teohook and the abuses of the women attending this military academy but few probably realize that this isn’t simply one example of an isolated “bad apples” incident but rather a systemic problem in the military with over 19,000 sexual assault cases reported each year over the last several years.

Though I pledged that this site would deal with PTSD, for the most part, I can easily connect the dots since sexual assault is one of the causes listed for PTSD to arise.  Since we are talking about PTSD and the military it is doubly of interest to me.

The film has be reviewed by Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense and he has already called for changes in procedures regarding the reporting and procedures associated with sexual report charges.

There is a significant amount of recidivism in sexual assaults and before now many offenders went unpunished and ultimately were given Honorable Discharges which then puts offenders on the streets with a clean bill of health.  This needs to change.

I am anxious to see this film when it opens in a movie near me and I would recommend that others should do so as well.