The Yellow Birds-PTSD

November 13, 2012

I just finished watching a segment of Morning Joe where the author, Kevin Powers, was being interviewed.  Mr. Powers has written a book called “The Yellow Birds” which is being praised by critics and one that I am anxious to read.

I’ve stated many times on this PTSD blog and that writing of my experiences in Vietnam in my own diary was the main way that I was able to understand what was happening to me after my return from the Vietnam War. I was hoping a blog might help others.  As helpful as writing is, I think the same holds true for reading.  By reading what someone else has written, I sometimes am able to grapple with something that I too am experiencing but up until that moment had not been able to put into words.  It seems like sometimes once you put words around the feeling the words aren’t quite right.  That is, you can’t quite capture what it is that you are feeling and once it is said or written you realize, “No that isn’t quite it”.  Sometimes hearing someone else put forth the words can give you a different perspective of the same issue and it more clearly defines your own feelings.

That is the one of the reasons I started this PTSD blog.  I wanted others to feel free to state their own feelings and also to read how others state their feelings to stimulate some new ones of your own. For example, just in the few minutes that I watched Mr. Powers speaking, a few things popped into my mind about my own experience, even though our wars were different, the experience of PTSD is the same.

I am always encouraging others to post here.  I think it will not only provide a place where your feelings can be validated by seeing them published but also provide others, who may be reading these anonymous posts, some level of stimulus to write about their own experiences.  Something someone else might say may help you sort out some of your feelings so it then become mutually beneficial

Healing is a process and it takes time.  Everyone is hoping to find the key to healing from the PTSD hidden wounds but it simply takes time.  Time wasted, however, is not the answer and waiting it out does not work.  You must take responsibility for your own healing.  Blogging is something that is merely a first step.  You will help yourself but also you may be helping others out there who are also struggling.