TM Story Continued

November 21, 2011

In 1970 I stood on a stage with Mike [Hispanic], Tony[  Hispanic] and Wayne[Caucasian] and sang songs.Tony maried my cousin[Sioux], that didn’t go well. He was honorably discharged with honors and medals and ribbons and stripes all the way down his arm.He did 2 tours in Viet Nam.Mike had more medals and ribbons and stripes than Tony, and he was on his way back to Viet Nam for a third tour.He was married to Tony’s sister. Wayne was drafted into the Army, honorably discharged corporal. I didn’t see a picture of him, I’m sure he won some decorations. The stage was in the EMC at Alameda NAS,on Sunday afternoons. The place was deserted, but we didn’t figure to draw a crowd anyway. We had practiced once together,and those Sundays. I mention ethnicity to remind everyone to write your congressman if he voted against the Dream Act and tell him he’s a sack of shit. This is something you can do for yourself and all veterans. Would you want to stand watch at our border with Mexico? I for one am not afraid of Hispanics. They have every reason to be afraid of the US. In fact, write to my congressman too. I advise learn to play the guitar or banjo to keep your hands strong and your mind alert, and busy.I was in a band here with two other Vietnam Vets, I know both these men were PTSD victims.King David, in the bible, played a lyre, a stringed instrument because he said it pleased God. Maybe he’s right.