Twitter,Facebook Etal

July 18, 2011

We live in the age of social media.  This can be a good thing because it gives everyone a voice if they so choose to use it.  We have hundreds of follower on Twitter and we thank all that are following but what we need are more leaders.  If everyone is tweeting their opinion on their own site,  the message becomes so diffused that it is the same as if no one were speaking about PTSD.   This then is the bad side of the social network.  I hope that all the diverse PTSD site owners will take their message not only to their own site but ours, as well.  We need a singular voice if we are truly to bring this terrible disorder to the forefront.  Each story will add to the impact for others who have stood on the sidelines paying lip service to their support.

This is not done for any selfish reason since there is no money being exchanged at this site.  I am urging those who are associated with or are affected by PTSD to come to our location and tell their story.  This will become a very powerful voice for the rights of the sufferers and also a help for those PTSD sufferers who are in need of it.  Thousands of Tweets or Facebook posts only affect those who are in your own circle.  We want that circle to expand exponentially.  We want all PTSD sufferers to be encouraged to come and speak their mind. We want the spouses, who have searched for a home, to tell their story for others to see and understand their real sacrifices.  We want the families and friends of PTSD sufferers to reach out with their voices to let people know that we really do support the troops by being there and encouraging them to seek help.

Bring your passion and compassion and tell us your PTSD story.  Tell it for not only yourself but for others who don’t really know what to do or where to go to get relief.  Spread the word and show the real power that social media can have on a cause.