War Statistics- PTSD

April 8, 2013

Here are some of the latest statistics from the military

  1. More than 6,000 US Troops have been killed since 2001
  2. More than 4,400 US Troops died in Iraq
  3. More than 1,600 US Troops died in Afghanistan
  4. More than 45,000 US Troops have been wounded since 2001
  5. More of our Service Members are committing suicide than dying in combat.
  6. Over 4,000 young veterans have died from suicides, drug overdoses and vehicle crashes.
  7. Over 2 Million US Troops have been deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan
  8. Over 600,000 Veterans have been treated at Veteran Medical facilities
  9. About half of our returning Veterans are eligible for some type of disability
  10. About one-third of those who have served will develop PTSD
  11. The Rand Corporation estimates that approximately 320,000 Service Members have experienced Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) during their deployment.

Is it any wonder that there are between 20%- 30% suffering from PTSD?  Of course, these statistics do not include the wives and families of PTSD sufferers who may be suffering from secondary PTSD.  The longer these Wars drag on the more these statistics will rise.  If you really want to support the troops then do everything you can to bring them home.