What Are Your Talents? PTSD

October 19, 2011

I just got this in my email and though it has little to do wth PTSD I was struck by how important it is for those who may be going through some level of depression and are feeling sorry for themselves.

As you can see the letter written below is not addressed to anyone in particular. That includes you. Start looking for that thing that you can bring to the table. Instead of looking at the glass half or more empty start looking for some ways to start filling it up again. It starts with you and maybe posting something at this site, Military PTSD Forum will be the beginning

“Use your talents (everybody has some) in any way you can. Don’t keep it to yourself like a miser – spend it like a Millionaire! ~Lucy MacDonald

Have you ever taken inventory of your talent and wondered, “Where was I when those were being handed out?”

A narrow sliver of the population has sailed through their life fully confident in their talents and abilities. The remainder of us struggle to find something in our lives that would truly be considered a talent.

I have, on occasion, enjoyed the show America’s Got Talent. Some contestants truly have talent and others are just simply brave. However, this makes me wonder how we evaluate TALENT.

Obviously the members of the Symphony are talented. The cast of the Opera or my daughter’s Ballet Company and even my son’s Football Team are talented. Singers, Dancers, Olympians, Actors, Artists and many many more are talented. But, how do you account for the talents that gets you through each day?

One of the reasons it is vital to take inventory of and recognize your inner talents is because ‘beauty is fleeting.’ If you only see talent as a performance you will be emotionally empty when you cannot conduct that skill any longer.

Too often we overlook or discount the most basic talents that get us through our lives and are instrumental in our success. Take the basic talent of being kind, for example. If you’re a kind person you have a talent that has become a lost art.

Your success hinges solely on what comes from your heart. We have all learned. We all have knowledge about something. But, until we feel the passion of that thing in our heart, it is just knowledge.

Your inner talents are what brings the heart to what you are doing. The talent to be kind, funny, clear, straight forward, patient, calm, encouraging, educational, motivational and so on are the talents that span your life.”

Written by Eddie Speed