Who Does God Side With In War?- PTSD

November 19, 2012

I was writing to a classmate of mine on Facebook and he said that God brought him home safely. It got me thinking about things like this.

I wonder why someone survives and someone doesn’t. It would seem if the above statement were true that all Christians would survive and non-Christians would be the ones who would be taken. Yet statistics show that religion plays no part in who lives or dies. Of course many choose to believe that it does and when I indicate to people that I don’t much believe in this they often will say, “When you are in a foxhole there are no agnostics, you’ll change that tune”. Actually being in the foxhole made me more sure than ever, that no one above was looking out for me.

Do you know that one of the reasons that so many Americans lost their lives in the Civil War where brothers were fighting against each other? It was because both the North and the South believed that God was on their side and that he/she wouldn’t let their side lose. So I’m assuming that in every War, people are thinking the same thing. Whether it is Allah, God, Muhammad, Buddha, or any other belief object.

They say that religion is the opiate of the masses. I can see how this is true. It is the best game in town. If things go the way you pray then the prayer worked. On the other hand if the prayer does not work, the answer is that God has a grand plan and you have just got to believe. God wins both ways.

I believe that this is another factor in the PTSD problem.  There is no rhyme nor reason to anything.  This randomness adds to the craziness’s of War.  Seeing your buddies dying for no reason stays with you.  I wondered about guys that got killed and wounded.  They woke up that morning the same way that I did.  They didn’t look any different.  They didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and yet that night as I was going to sleep their lives and the lives of their families had been altered forever.

PTSD imprints itself on the mind and leaves scar tissue just like a bullet might do to the skin. Those who carry this scar need to seek help and the quicker the better.