“Why Anxiety Is Good For You” Time Magazine-PTSD

December 4, 2011

Having a wife who is a psychiatrist makes me alert to anything that may be controversial or demeaning to her profession. I saw this on the cover of Time Magazine December 11, 2011 and I immediately bought it and read all about this claim fearing the worst for those who are suffering from PTSD. I was pleasantly surprised to find the article quite good and my only fear now is about those who will read only the headline and not read the article will come to the wrong conclusions.

My wife assured me that some anxiety is good for an individual and has already informed my of the gist of the aticle but it goes further to talk about the advancements that are being made in the study of anxiety and fear that are really exciting.

Remember that PTSD has a strong component in anxiety and therefore anyone suffering with PTSD might want to read the article. It talks about some 40 million adults that may have abnormal anxiety problems and this is not taking into account the number of children who may have problems as well.

We are talking about excess stress hormones which “nip” away at the DNA that keeps cells dividing and long-lived, constricting the blood vessels and causing blood pressure to rise. Even immune system is affected, as white blood cells that normally patrol for bacteria and viruses aren’t produced at normal, disease fighting levels. It is for these reasons, that anxiety and stress have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, immune disorders, obesity, infertility and more.”

If you have been trying to ignore your PTSD problems they will not be ignoring you and doing yourself unseen harm and you need to seek help quickly. One thing that I will plug for the Military PTSD Forum site is the fact that one of the treatments is a coping strategy that says “to desensitize is beneficial”. That means if you come to the site and talk about what you are feeling it will lessen its hold on you.