Why Worry About PTSD Spouses/strong> So much?

November 16, 2011

People have asked my why I focus so much on the PTSD spouse?  My theory is that she is the first to know that there is a problem.  Women’s instinct is, that there is something amiss.  The person she married is different and the difference cannot be easily explained away.  There is always an adjustment period as the missing mate tries to fit back into the family routine,  this is normal.  But the PTSD is different, he is absent even when he is present, this is not normal.

Usually the PTSD sufferer is slower to catch on.  He/she  knows things are different but he/she  is so defended that letting someone in is nearly impossible.  Most PTSD suffers are suffering in silence and by themselves trying to tough it out. They know things are not right but they assume it is the other person. At least this is what they believe is happening.  In reality this PTSD illness is affecting everyone, the sufferer, the spouse, the children, families , co-workers and friends.

So if I can’t reach the PTSD sufferer. at first, then I hope to reach someone who is a loved one and is desperate to find answers and may be willing to take a risk.  By a risk I don’t mean anything more than coming to the Military PTSD Forum site and starting to post their feelings and experiences and share them with others.  I hope this will open up others to do the same and through mutual support, ideas, tactics and things can be shared that seem to work.

If you are a PTSD spouse, please come and post.  It is now free and you are always welcome.  Come as often as you like, post as often as you choose.  It can help lead you and your spouse to the next step toward winning the PTSD battle.