Women and PTSD

March 7, 2013

It has been statistically proven that women suffer twice as much as men from PTSD. I don’t quite know why this is true but it is a statistic that I learned by taking a PTSD test recently. Since I’m not a female, I can’t really speak to this and I wish some woman who is suffering from PTSD or has struggled with a mate who has had PTSD for a while, would post but then again this posting is a volunteer only site so it can only be a hope and not a demand from me.

The scary thing is that I think this problem of PTSD will only get worse since women have now been approved to do the direct fighting. If it was a problem before, it can only get worse. The only positive thing I can say is that women are a lot less likely to use a weapon when they are angry. I hope this statistic doesn’t go up too.

PTSD is a universal problem that many in the health field are attempting to understand. In looking on the Internet I noticed almost a thousand references to various treatments and claims of treatment for the PTSD problem. The newest thing is the warnings about the use of drugs to treat PTSD. Duh, I’ve been saying this publically for years. Many believe that the legal drugs may be a contributing factor to the number of suicides to service members with and without diagnosed PTSD and so they are looking for alternative avenues to deal with PTSD.

The stigma of being labeled a PTSD sufferer, is keeping people away from therapy and this is a shame. As my wife, a licensed psychologist, once said to me. “Crazy” gives psychology a bad name. You all probably know the old saying, “Crazy is when you keep doing the same thing and expect different results”. You are not crazy if you have PTSD and you see a psychologist, you are crazy if you don’t.