Submit Your Story

Submit Your Story

Mental health providers agree that talking about your difficulties is the starting point for healing and overcoming symptoms of PTSD. So we’ve included a page where you can do just that.  Of course this is not limited to members of the armed forces; it is open to military spouses, family and friends as well.  Although this is a wonderful first step, relating your story serves more than just your own healing; your story helps others as well.  We  also want to gather as many stories as we can, from others just like you, to let the rest of the country know how difficult your adjustments are.  There is more to supporting the troops then putting on a wrist band or ribbon.   By you taking the time and the courage to start this process, we hope to encourage others to do the same.

Your voice and the voices of others like you, will let you know that you are not alone.  Write us about personal experiences, send us a poem or haiku, short stories or any other writings pertaining to PTSD.   As we get more submissions, this cause will receive greater exposure.  Your name will appear only if you choose, otherwise your story will be shared anonymously. The healing can then begin, and you can start to unburden yourself one story at a time.

Disclaimer: Your story will be entered as part of our Features section.  To do this we will need you to give us the “OK” to publish your work.  We can either use your name or publish it anonymously if you prefer.

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